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Vicky Tucker

Lynwood High School
Greater Los Angeles Area
For the last 12 years, I have served the Lynwood Unified School District as an English and AVID teacher, at the secondary level. I decided to become an English teacher after an experience in one of my college freshman composition courses. Throughout this course, it became clear to me that our inner city schools were in need of strong teachers who could truly prepare their students for getting into college, and then staying there. Five years ago, I became an AVID teacher (/mom to 27 students). As an AVID teacher, I had to learn about the college application process, and how to prepare my students for college readiness beginning in their freshman year of high school. At the request of one of my digital coaches, I ran an informal pilot program where my students created Digital Portfolios beginning their Junior year in high school. The CUE Tip session will provide a brief overview of this process and its benefits.

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